Playing with IMAD

The other day I reminded my wife that this Friday is glorious IMAD and my wife asked, "Hey when is it ICAD?" Whenever you and the other C's set it was my reply.

Remember -- we make all this up!  You are free to do the same.  Ten or so years ago we thought it would be great to designate a day of pampering for ourselves. [Mary how long has it been?] Not surprisingly it was great, in fact it was awesome and we have repeated it every year since.

We are not hoarders. We love to share our day with any other mary* out there! And if your name isn't Mary why not create your own joyful, pampering holiday. Pick a day for yourself and explore your world, eat food that others prepare, look at beauty, get a massage, pedicure, talk and laugh. 

IMAD is a play date for Marys. I firmly believe the world could use a little more play. Join us if you can even if it's during a brief pause in your day and choose something joyful, silly, funny or uplifting to experience. Let us know how it goes on the IMAD blog if you want.  Only couple of hours to go --joyous IMAD you all.

*any variation of the name Mary will do


Máire said...

We already talked about this in person but yes, it seems like it has to be at least ten years. I just now checked on the current computer and I don't have e-mails going back far enough. There's another place I can check but it's a bit fussy, so it may need to wait a while.

Máire said...

It just occurred to me that I think there was an additional influence at work when we were formulating the idea for IMAD. The main one was that we wanted to actually get stuff done on the December shopping day but we didn't want to give up the fun entirely. But I have this notion that we were also thinking of how (at the time) we each had had a long stretch of bad birthday luck, plans going awry etc., so why not have a celebratory day that had nothing to do with a birthday?

If you don't remember this at all, do let me know. I might be off on the wrong track, or inventing memories. Either way, stop me before I go too far!

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