light on sea fairy

I have been playing with feng shui again this month, it inspires me to dump clutter. [Hysterical, the spell check just changed that to "fang" shui]. With the dumping came the typical side effects. One is noticing the stuff that you hate doesn't support 'current you'. It became clear I dislike many of my lamps. So during my day off I hunted for some bargains that fit 'current me'. You might not be able to tell but the wall behind the lamp is apple green. [Which the paint company calls "sea fairy"]

So there is a little more light around my studio tonight from a lamp that seems to fit in just right. Please imagine my relief that the dust on the top of that bookshelf isn't showing in the photo, I hope.

As I enjoyed the new lamp I thought about how much lighter I felt after having a day where absolutely nothing was planned. I had freedom to do pretty much whatever struck me as fun or needed or soothing or spacious. A day free of shoulds. Not that the shoulds didn't try to show up but I had done sneaky prep work.

The night before I journaled my list of shoulds, getting them out on paper and soothing my meanies a bit. I wasn't 'forgetting' stuff after all, I had a list! I also listed possibilities. Some were specific -- 'shop for lamps'. Some were reminders -- "I don't want to cook dinner". It was amazingly helpful. As I exited one thing, like breakfast, I looked at my list and picked another to enter. It was wonderful and led to posting an actual photo sans cursing. I hope it continues.       Light to all who could use some. xo


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