sweet and frightening information

Frightening--I made cream puffs for my in-laws recently and I pulled out my mom's old Betty Crocker cookbook to do it. I didn't alter it for my 'no sugar' tastes. The recipe for vanilla filling calls for a mere 1/3 cup of sugar. Everyone loved them.

On a whim I looked up the same recipe in Mark Bittman's vegetarian cookbook. The "same" recipe calls for 2 and a half cups of sugar. Seven times+ more sugar. And more corn starch in order to get all that sugar to firm up and just as much fat by the way. The desserts featured in the newer cookbook are suppose to be healthful, why on earth does it have so much more sugar in it?

A mystery. If you are looking to cut down on sugar older recipes may be your friends.

Sweet--After all these years no sugar I still miss marshmallows or at least the memory of them. But like most candies they are too sweet for me nowadays. Imagine my amazement when I stumbled across this. Marshmallow creme made from rice syrup. This could be dangerous. More dangerous than the ice cream maker. If you have ever tried it please let me know. My curiosity is almost overwhelming.

Wishing all some comforting sweetness. xo


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