Wrapping up and the 32nd Playford Ball -- Dances

IMAD aka the 'marys all day play date' was wonderful. We blogged about it if you have any interest. The report is far from complete but one of us will update about the delightful gallery we visited after 'teatime' and the festive dinner with ten friends at Babani's that evening.

This brings us to the next activity, the annual Playford Ball. Here is a list of the dances this year with my personal star rating, which is, I am sure, wildly different from other dancers' ratings.  Just my opinion.

The Betrayed Lover ***
Longways duple minor improper double progression  1974  6//8 
Devil’s Maggot -* why bother? powder your nose. yes that's a negative star
Longways duple minor 1997 6//8
The Fandango ***
Longways for three couples   1774  6//8
Hambleton’s Round O **** 
Longways triple minor  1713 3//2
In the Bleak MidWinter *
Longways duple minor improper 1997  2//2
In the Fields in Frost and Snow -* snore,  get a beverage
Longways duple minor  1713  2//2
Lady William’s Delight **
Longways duple minor  2002  3//2
Mendocino Redwood *
Longways duple minor  2005  6//8
Nymph Divine  **
Longways duple minor  1728  common
The Pilgrim or Lord Foppington -* time for a nap
Longways duple minor  1721  6//8
Prince William *** 
Longways for three couples  1731  common
Puck’s Deceit *** 
Longways duple minor  1997  common
    Saint Margaret’s Hill  ***** 
Longways for three couples  1718  3//2
    Sleeping in the Attic  ***
Longways duple minor  1996  2//2
Tythe Pig *
Longways duple minor  1691  6//8
Well Hall **** 
Longways duple minor  1686  3//2

This year's dances does not mesh with my taste as well as past years. Six dances out of 17 I could miss without a care. Oh well. It will still be enjoyable.

Not only do we practice the dances in February but there is the work of getting one's costume ready. This year's theme of Midwinter Gossamer has generated a lot of chat.  More details to follow about how we are implementing said theme. Something enjoyably absorbing to all.


Máire said...

Well, apparently I need to work harder at learning the lingo, because I'm moderately surprised that these are all longways dances! And then I'm slightly less surprised when I try to think of what other descriptor could go in that slot and can't come up with a single option....

engagedbliss said...

Easy to not think 'all longways' until you see it listed. :) I remembered after I posted that the traditional opening dance of Sellinger's Round, which is not longways, did not make it to my list. But it is planned and I would rate it one star.

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