appliance buying: a cautionary tale

You may be wondering is she really going to give us another post about appliances? The short answer is 'yes' the long answer would be 'I could probably write a whole blog about appliances' but I won't.

One of the delights about buying the cottage is the need for a couple of appliances. Some of the shopping and needs of the new place are overwhelming but appliances are nothing but a delight. I now realize though that some perfectly nice smart people in the world should not be trusted to buy appliances, some people don't even know there is an appliance color called almond. In fact some of us may be married to such people.

My wife called me from a mammoth estate sale. She felt a bit guilty because she knows how I love to shop for appliances but there were great deals to be found at the sale. She called me so I could participate vicariously. She is such a sweetie. There was a front loader washer. Now the cottage does not have a washer and the one here is limping along. It was only $200, I love front loaders, so I agreed it would be a shame to not get it. There was a new side by side fridge as well and the fridge at the cottage is quite old and rusty. We could limp along with it for awhile but she found such a good deal why not replace it. I agreed that it was probably wise at those cheap prices to snatch it up. I asked what color they were and she said 'white'. I said great and you totally see where this is going...

I looked forward to meeting my new appliances, I was a bit sad to not be there when they were picked out but I told myself sternly to not be a baby. My wife deserves appliance joy too. I ran out to the truck full of anticipation to meet the new members of my family and saw a big honking almond fridge. I pointed this fact out. My wife called it 'kind of off-white'. I noted that would be a good description of the color in the appliance world they call "almond", so would cream. The point is, it isn't white as you can clearly see when the it's laying right beside the white washing machine in the back of the truck.

Now we aren't very matchy people. An almond fridge, though I wouldn't pick one out, is not the end of the world. But it was a shock realizing my own wife doesn't know much about appliance colors. LOL I think I have recovered.

So if appliances are important to you, take heed. Do not assume that all adults know what you may know about appliances and their colors. I am happy to be the horrible example to avoid.


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