the no eating out-Month 2

Some will remember our grand experiment in 'no eating out' in April. I promised to report on how we did in May and then got delayed due to illness.

So here it is, in a nutshell, we sucked at it. As soon as the 'real' motivation was gone. [saving for plane fare for India] we crumbled quite a bit. I cannot even remember enough of the month to say how many time we ate out together 8? 9? Don't get me wrong, I think we are eating out less, perhaps as a couple only 2x per week per average. So we made some gains. But I also know we have eaten out 4 times, perhaps 5, in June already.

Part of me wants to eat out less. I think my commitment to using the CSA box will help eat in more and more for the summer. But part of me feels so rushed and busy with getting ready for India and cottage stuff and now my in laws coming to town for a few months soon. Well, it just seems like a lot, all of which leads me to think 'heck, let someone else cook!'

I made risotto with par-boiled brown rice last night, using green garlic, scallions and spinach out of the CSA. It was yummy, it took forever. Sometimes it's hard spending the time and work to eat, we are just so far from that as a culture. Not sure if there is any conclusion there, just thoughts to mull over.


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