leather like

I have never been a leather fan. My best friend loves the smell of it, I don't really 'get it'. I mean yeah I can smell it, it just doesn't do that much for me.

I have noticed how sweat can increase when wearing leather, and extra sweat not really my thing. Also as a child both my older sisters had leather furniture in their homes and I never found it comfortable. I never like leather in cars either. It's hot and sticky when the weather is warm, and clammy and hard when the weather is cold. If I have a choice I pick cloth over leather every time.

Imagine my surprise when walking through IKEA to have a chair call me across the room, a dark brown leather chair. It had a pretty shape to it, it wasn't squishy leather, and it was on a small scale something that is very important when we consider our 900 sq ft cottage. I sat on it. It was the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on. Not because it was so unusual, but because it's proportions were exactly right for me. Exactly. It was like it was built for some one of my height, my torso and my leg length. It was only $249 and I had to have it. [I can't seem to find it at IKEA online so I can't show it] Seriously the fact that it is leather although a bit baffling is irrelevant, it fits me perfectly.

My wife almost fell over in surprise when I told her that while she was gone I bought a leather chair. But then she got me, while looking for a couch, with her 'vote' being the deciding factor guess what she picked out. yep=brown leather. Here's hoping I don't regret starting all this. The furniture does look great in the cottage, it's the right scale and it is very practical there [because of the durability]. So far we love how it looks in the room and the problems I had with leather as a child and the things I dislike about it in car seats have not come up and it is super comfortable. It does mean there is a lot of dark brown leather in the room, but hopefully when the room is painted that will help lighten things up.

I guess we do change all our lives long but I suppose I'll never be able to use "I don't really like leather" as a fall back again. It seems that we are rounding the turn and shopping for the cottage is dying down.


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