appliance love and goals

I love appliances. If I let myself I would be one of those people who always need the latest electronic/computer gadget as soon as it hits the shelves, you know except with appliances. Unfortunately my tree-hugging frugal part will not let me ditch an old appliance that is working just fine.

[The exception to this is fridges/freezers because the old ones even if they work well use tons and tons of energy to run.]

Anyway I had two goals for this summer, and I have completed them before summer officially starts.

I got a compost bin and started composting. [that can get it's own post at some point]

I bought a freezer. It is brand new and it is beautiful. It's an upright. It has an interior light, which I believe is a first for me in my freezer relationships. It has gleaming new shelves and bins. It has a 'soft' freeze' section that let's you store ice cream at a perfect eating consistency [apparently] I have been without a stand alone freezer since 2003 and I have really missed having one. I decided between the CSA and the garden that this would be the year we really needed a freezer and my wonderful wife agreed with my reasoning.

Once again I can freeze pick your own stuff, or produce other people want to give us. I can make soup stock and save bread crumbs and have a place to put them. I can even stock up on the occasional frozen burrito or meal when on sale for future emergencies. I can cook ahead of time and stow lunches away.

In many ways the freezer has been the best part of the week so far. The rest of it has been a wife traveling for work, physical discomfort and lots of tasks at work that I really don't like. But I feel great about the goals reached. I should make other goals that I can reach. It feels pretty fantastic.


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