CSA start 2009

So last week was the week, Thursday the day. Our CSA started for 2009! It amuses me to think of how excited I am about our CSA this year. And I am reminded that although it is very common here in Mpls it is not in many parts of the country so I feel grateful as well. It's exciting to get a box of yummy fresh stuff and try to make stuff out of it. Try to not let it go to waste. Certainly challenging.

So one of the things I love about my CSA already is that they post on their website what they hope to have in the box come Thursday/Friday. That way if you are a planner, and you know I am, you can think about meals and so forth.

Another thing I like about them is that the weekly newsletter is typewritten. My old CSA used to hand write their newsletter. I think they were going for the personal touch but I always found it very hard to read. A minor thing but an improvement for me.

In the first box: Arugula, Spinach, Kohlrabi, blue Potatoes, radishes, green garlic, scallions, rosemary and lettuce. Everything I have tried so far is yummy. I had an arugula/spinach salad last night. I cooked the kohlrabi leaves this morning and had some of them topped with fermented soy sauce aside a fried blue potato with scallions and a poached egg. There are 3 of us trying to eat it up, we'll see how we do.

It's a bit overwhelming for some reason. Then I think how common this kind of eating was a century ago. You had a garden, things were ready to be eaten and you figured out what to do. It took thought, but also you probably get better at it the more you do. Just like pie crust.

I see that as a great line to end a post with, so more CSA adventures next week.

Just like pie crust.


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