Running report wk 2

So here I am all set to give the week 2 running report. It's been rather cool and rainy, wonderful spring.

The first thing I noted was that week 2 didn't really change my totals too much. It seemed like a nice incremental increase. Week 2 is 5 minute warm up, (90 seconds running followed by 2 minutes walking) x 6 followed by the 5 minute cool down. 9 minutes running instead of the 8 in week one. And when I calculated my distance about 2/3 of a mile up from a half. Seriously it seems so strange to type those numbers. Me? really? I am running 2/3 of a mile? That must mean I ran 2 miles last week. huh.

The 'week' only lasted 8 days this time, so my body is either acclimating better or I am just handling all the strangeness better. I stopped lifting weights with my legs, I am going to hold off on that until I feel stronger. Upper body weights continue. I have structured my exercise more carefully so as to not double up on stuff on the wrong day. I had a fabulous massage where she worked out the pain in my knee by rubbing quad muscles. That gave me more confidence that any knee discomfort was muscle related. Knock on wood there has been way less of that this past week. I also did a vigorous 3 mile walk with a friend, dancing one night, and a fun spinning class without burning my body out.

So basically I am very please with my level of awareness and self care with the whole running + other exercise in 'week 2'. I appreciate how no matter how sluggish I am the running seems to get my heart rate up to the zone I need. Makes my life a bit easier. The podcast was motivating and all went well. So I am onto week 3's challenges. Perhaps I'll get a run outside if the rain periods cooperate.

Of course I have no idea still if I like running


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