thrift store score

I easily and quickly get shopped out. I love to buy at second hand stores. I have noticed that these two statements do not go together all that well. In order to get the best finds you usually need to visit thrift stores fairly frequently, this just doesn't work for me. [see first point]

My wife does not like to shop much...except at the thrift chain store Savers. She always finds lots of stuff at great prices no matter what she may need. I swear employees are looking out for her in the parking lot. I can imagine the furtive mumblings;
'did you see who just pulled in Joe?' 'you bet! time to get all the good stuff out Sam, and let's mark it all half off'. It quite uncanny and I have found myself feeling wistful as she unloads her bag hoping there may be a goody for me in there.

Yesterday however was stellar. By cell phone I find out my wife has stopped into Savers after work. It crosses my mind that perhaps I should mention I am looking for a brown jacket, she may run across one but I decide against it. I am just too tired to be specific about what I mean by 'brown jacket'. I do ask, I hope not pathetically 'see anything for me?' 'Maybe' she answers 'I think it might fit.'

An hour+ later [thrift shopping cannot be hurried] she arrives home, and out of her bag comes the most beautiful brown suede jacket. Before she can finish the sentence "I am not sure if it's your size" I have it on and it fits perfectly. She is pleased and says 'I figured it was worth trying since it was only $9.99, well actually $5 because it is green tag day.' Please don't hate her, she is not this good at everything I promise. She is quite fantastic though.

So not only did my wife find me something fabulous and she did it when I didn't have the energy to tell her [psychic?] but she gave me a reason to be happy it will be chilly all this week. I do know how lucky I am.


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