you should buy tickets now

If you live west of the Mississippi go now and see if Kaki King is coming to your town on tour. I am happy to wait. [buy tickets immediately]

Ok, seriously if she is not playing somewhere near you I am so, so sorry. I went with my BF last night and Kaki King was beyond awesome.

Before I forget, the opening act, An Horse, was strong, but I have to admit the very atonal style of the lead singer was not my thing. I enjoyed them more when they weren't singing. Ah well. I appreciated a chance of checking out a newish Australian band.

Back to the main, this was the third time I have seen Kaki King live and seriously the woman just keeps getting better. Last night was an awesome mix of band tunes and solo work. Her back up band of drums and EVI were stellar. I wish I could be objective and really review this show, but I am finding that I can't. I had been having a really hard day before the show but I was just transported by her music. If only I could articulate what makes her so fabulous, I have heard a lot of stellar guitarists live in my life including Phil Keaggy [a name known to guitar geeks] but really her risk taking combined with her superb playing is just breathless, uplifting and rewarding. I feel like I am throwing a thesaurus at this page which I guess is a sign that words can't cut it. I just hope you can go experience Kaki King for yourself. One great thing, she is only 30, we should get decades more of her work to enjoy.

I think my BF friend summed it up best as we walked out of the venue euphorically high as kites: 'god, that woman gives good show'


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