weekly rituals

I have my fair share of yearly rituals. I talk about them here quite a bit.
I even have a couple of monthly rituals since a) I belong to a moon ritual group and b) I'm a woman of fertile years.

But weekly not so much. [although my weekly writing with WP may be one] A woman that I adore, in that online, impersonal, weird but great way, has weekly rituals that I admire. One is called the Friday Chicken and in it she reflects on the good and bad of her past week. I like this idea of a weekly reflection, it reminds me of the the 10th step where you reflect on your day.

That is what this week is calling for [but I don't have a meaningful name for it]:

the ugly:
-2 migraines in one week. Really the pits. I can't think of the last time that happened.
-The most incredibly tight psoas muscle ever leading to much crabbiness then guilt
-Crying in a parking garage because I was so overwhelmed with grief/stress

the bad:
-The great cast on [and unravel] of knitting projects continued
-I needed to abandon a project I loved because I just couldn't force it to work.
-Work announcement was made and though not a surprise it still depressed me
-Many painful letting gos
-Rain and rain and rain
-I realized I wouldn't be seeing my Dad on his 85th birthday.

the good:
-Date with wife, saw play Relatively Speaking and enjoyed the utter lack of seriousness
-I finally made a decision about fest this summer and there was much joy
-Some parts of knitting fantastic fun
-I'm grateful it looks like my Dad will be celebrating his 85th birthday [and 63rd anniversay]
-Work made me even more confident in my decision to look for other gainful employment.
-Fabulous new jacket and tlc from wife
-A productive writing afternoon
-I got some emotional relief from writing letters I will never send
-I got lots of lovely sympathy and support from many lovely people.

What a week. What was yours like I wonder?


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