creativity slows down blog

That title just seems wrong doesn't it? But it's all too true. Remember last November during nanowrimo and all the snippets. I just wish I had realized I was basically in the same position this month. Although this time the culprit is not writing but knitting.

I have 2 knitting projects that are due this month and seriously I don't know if it's going to happen. I knit incredibly slowly especially for someone who has been knitting since age 9. Also I apparently have no ability to read patterns, follow instructions or remember what I have just read 5 minutes before. This of course cannot possibly be my fault, I place the blame squarely on mercury retrograde. The true cause of all my spaciness and poor communication skills as well. It is all fine having a planet to shoulder the shame, although I have to wonder what I am going to do come May 12th when that sucker goes direct.

Writing has been going well although I have been short of time again due to knitting. But still the first draft is going faster than some of this knitting.
word count= 76,276


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