breezy Beltane

Please do not ask me why blogger decided to jam the last 2 postings into the same day, because really I have no idea but I dislike it. Looks so weird.

Anyway happy belated Beltane to all pagan types out there and spring lovers or FOPs [friends of Pagans]. My holiday was really a stellar one.

Woke up early, did some errands with my beloved wife and felt grateful. Some much needed early mowing also got done. The Lilacs are already open and the air is dizzy with scent.

Had a fabulous time with some other pagans in which we chanted, bound our desires to us for the next 6 months, noshed, talked and so forth. There was more cheesecake. This time with a hint of maple and strawberries. There were conferences in the garden. It was extremely windy so we did our work inside, but it was still spring and beautiful. Again there was much gratitude

After the weavers left to go on with their evenings I listened to some Tara Brach and took the 3 refuges. Then my wife and I had tickets for the sold out late show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. First time we have ever seen Chris Pureka with a band. Good although a bigger venue would have been better for this but they wouldn't have the awesome mock duck rolls you can eat right at your seat. Gratitude rests gently on me like a mantle.

It was an excellent holiday. It was so full I didn't have time to make it to the parade at Powderhorn today. I wonder how the giant puppets did in all this wind? I hope May is starting out well for everyone.


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