feeling pain

So much is going on in world it seems. Although I acknowledged that in every age people have said that. But I suppose it can still be true for all that.

Another of my friends had a stroke this week. Sobering news of a shooting in AZ. I could go on of course.

I see people all around me filled with grief and I feel incapable of any coherency in this post but still I feel compelled to write it. Granted with little coherency, read on at your own risk.

I have the normal pain avoidance of my species but I don't want to respond to pain like a mindless automaton. I want to be awake while I live this life. At the same time pain, emotional or physical, hurts and I still have very little awareness of my flinch reaction.

And yet apparently 'all is well', the condition of the universe as these feelings crash around us like tidal waves. I am not awake but I guess I am grateful that I know it.


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