well hello there 2011

The holidays can certainly lead to seriously blog neglect can't they?

Here we are all firmly planted in 2011 and I hope to start getting used to it. The new year seemed to sneak up on me, although I don't quite understand why. Could it be age?

There I was last Friday night out with my wife. [and 100's of other people] Since the weather was predicted to be cruddy and the roads worse we had a brilliant plan for new year's eve that revolved around not having to drive too much.

We had dinner at Pizza Biga, pizza and salad, wine, coffee, etc.
Digression warning: It was good, but why can I never find pizza as good as in Rome? I promise I am not being a food snob here. Pizza is not a complicated dish, and this was cooked in a wood fired oven, high quality yet it lacks something... is it the type of flour? and digression over. Anyway it was still enjoyed a light dinner after holiday indulgences.

Then it was easy to walk half a block to see Lizz Winstead, whose show was extremely funny. We were sitting there in the theatre and I looked at the stage and saw the balloons printed with '2011' and thought, oh my god, it's going to be 2011! in less than 3 hours, what the hell? I had to laugh, somehow I hadn't realized that fact until right then. Thank goodness for those balloons reminding me the year was about to change.

It's been a good year so far. It's time to get ready for the Playford so my legs are readjusting to English Country Dancing [3 hours last night] and Heidi's has reopened! Many reasons to rejoice already.

Today there is a gentle snow falling like a song in the air. It is beautiful. I'm enjoying a day fit for an introvert and testing my pecan tassie recipe for you all again. Fingers crossed it will be fit to share soon.

I hope you all can see some beauty where you are. xo


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