Winter Vegetables

I feel the need to write about something simple but still be real. Immediately my attempts to get more veggies in my life jumped into my mind.

Winter has ups and downs as far as veggie consumption goes for me. On one hand I love virtually all winter veggies, on the other hand I don't like raw food in the winter so they really need to be cooked.

I have realized that if I cook big bunches of veggies and put them in my fridge we will eat them all week long happily. But I don't do that very often. I wonder where that resistance come from...

This week though I cooked some 'dinosaur' kale, my favorite of the sturdy greens. I saute the chopped leaves in a bit of grapeseed oil [or bacon fat] then braise them until done. Whatever done means to you I guess.

I also cooked up some green cabbage the same way, the only difference being I sauteed the thin slices in peanut oil. I love how that smells with cabbage, it reminds me of Chinese restaurants growing up in Pittsburgh. [the egg rolls I think] The cooked shreds of cabbage can be used in place of pasta for some dishes just for a change.

Then I will turn the oven on, which is good since I am freezing, and roast some sweet potatoes chunks, rubbed with a smidge of olive oil and oregano. I will also bake a squash and a head of steamed cauliflower, rubbed with butter and sprinkled with cheese.

And if the past repeats it will all be eaten within the week. But if I don't do it, if I try to cook them one at a time to go with certain meals, half of them will go bad before I get around to it.

Is anyone successful in cooking veggies along with their meals everyday, managing their pantries so that stuff doesn't go bad? [I just threw out two dessicated turnips and one moldy sweet potato, very sad] If you have a quick and simple winter veg recipe I would love to hear that as well.

I'm off to huddle around the stove. Stay warm.


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