missing my bike

As soon as I wrote post's title I realized it could be taken in two ways.

I do miss my bike, the one that was stolen last summer. It's been over 6 months and because I spent so much time running I never did replace it or decide exactly what I was going to do about having a bike. I rode my wife's the few times I needed to get somewhere.

Now we have snow on snow here and for the past week or so I have been missing biking. Even though I don't winter bike normally, still I am just missing it. The activity itself.

I tried out the super quick ignition cycle class on my lunch break today and that was nice [and a great work out], but in a way it made me miss biking more. I guess it's more than biking. I miss being outdoors and sunshine and clear streets and smells of vegetation.

Oh well Imbolc is next week which means spring is coming and soon it will be clear biking weather. Until then I'll keep doing spin.


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