the all capri summer

Now a post for those who like the chatty, non-spiritual musing side of me.

What happened to summer pants this summer? My favorite pair of brown linen pants died horribly so I went out, prime summer sale time, to find some summer pants for work a few weeks ago. There was nothing. Seriously, I am not exaggerating.

I wanted something really lightweight, probably woven. Have I mentioned how hot it's been here and how I needed something lightweight?

I don't pay much attention to fashion trends so I didn't realize that capris [and shorts] were all that were out there this summer. At least that was all I could find.

Not only am I not fond of capris, since I am short, let's just say they are not my best style. I know this so I don't really like them at all.

I broke my cardinal shopping rule and bought a pair. They were everything I wanted in color, material and style except that they were capris, but I bow to the reality that is this summer. I hope for a different trend next summer.

And while I am wishing and I perhaps have the ear of the fashion gods, how about some swimsuits that are not padded on top? Really. If you are D cup, you really don't need more padding up there, at least I don't. I'll try to wear my capris lightly tonight as an offering.


Máire said...

I can sympathize, I'm not much for capri pants either. Likewise, I just gave in and picked up a pair because I needed something summery! I went nuts and picked a pair in an outrageous (for me) terra cotta color, if I make it to ECD tonight you'll see them....

engagedbliss said...

Their color was great and on your tall slenderness looked summery in the best way!

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