negative beside positve, plus ultra positive

I must have mowed over a patch of poison ivy last weekend and inhaled, because now the poison ivy rash is attacking me in odd places.

I know I didn't brush up against any since I had on long pants, long-sleeved shirt with shoes and socks, I was well covered. As well as taking a shower shortly after I finished mowing...

What this means is for the second time in 2011 I have a fine collection of spots and I am dreamy from the benadryl. For a few minutes on Wednesday I panicked that I was somehow getting chicken pox all over again. Chicken pox flashbacks. But no, it's just a rash, almost certainly poison ivy.

It peaks my curiosity that my pleasure in mowing is joined with something not very pleasurable, they exist together yet so far apart. This juxtaposition happens more frequently than I notice it.
I would like to see it more.

Some things though are purely positive right now. My dear friend's birthday is today. As usual she has glorious weather and I delivered the first of my presents, a whole batch of artichoke dip.

Many happy healthy returns my friend! *Mwahh*


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