some in-laws

We spent the weekend up at the cottage with my wife's parents. There was wonderful weather with cool nights. There was energy to do lots of mowing. There was lovely food and a railroad museum. There was a new domino set and a lot of fun playing team dominoes.

There were mosquitoes, so many.

Today I am feeling exhausted because entertaining guests always tires me and I especially wanted my mil and fil to have a good rest so I did not. I am also realizing again how incredibly wonderful this life is.

My in-laws are normal humans, far from perfect like the rest of us. But such lovely people. Kindhearted, caring, welcoming. A little goofy.

I hear horrible stories of gay couples being ignored as a couple by families and then I feel so rooted when I think of our families. [my brother excepted] Rooted and fortunate. Today I talked to my niece, spoke to a loved friend, found out we have imperial moths at the cottage and I remembered everything that is beyond the tiredness.

Even though plans are constantly changing and there is new stress at work...
It may be a cliche but it's true, life is precious and wondrous.

Even with mercury retrograde for a few more days.


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