no meat Mondays

Recently I read about the meat free Monday idea, which I though a delightful notion, and then I saw there was a pledge. It was a movement. Which for some nonsensical reason gave me heebie jeebies..,
I also thought combining no meat with no dairy or egg overly ambitious and kind of diluted the punch for me.

So I did what any long time Al-anon member would do; I took what I liked and left the rest... my wife and I started eating meat free on Mondays last week. The current plan is to continue until sometime in October, anywhere from 8-13 weeks. I may just do 13 weeks because I think most prime numbers are pretty.

Although I don't think of myself as much of a carnivore it's still been an adjustment, just the remembering of it for one thing. I have also been surprised by fond memories of India when I could never keep track of who was eating veg on any given day. It always impressed me how people just flipped back and forth with what looked like ease.

It certainly is no hardship so far, with veggies from the garden and CSA in abundance. Especially the cucumbers, we have tons from everywhere and I love them so. I am delighted that I finally managed to find a place where they would grow well this year. Although perhaps the extreme weather we have had is the reason for their success? Cool crunchiness.

So there is one of my current stretchy challenges. There may be wheat free or dairy free days in my future. We'll have to see. What new stuff are you trying?


Máire said...

"Heebie jeebies" is the gentle way of putting it, and, you know, I'm meat-free all Mondays, and then some. Pledges and movements! Yikes.

And I think it's just darling yet altogether fitting that you find prime numbers to be pretty.

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