love [or crush] at first sight

So my best friend and I went out antique shopping Saturday. It had been years since I have done this and it was just as overwhelming as I remembered it. The last time was years ago when my wife and I were looking for engagement rings.

I like to have a purpose for shopping. If I just look at 'everything' then I get overwhelmed very quickly but if I have a goal or limits they can help me focus and keep stress manageable.

Of course I can't actually control anything no matter what limits I try to set. That's ok, I want to live the life that is, not my plans, although it can be hard or wonderfully surprising usually both.

I was looking for serving ideas and dessert plates for an upcoming party. I was looking for deals, only things I loved. It was casual fun looking. No commitments were being sought.

There it was on the shelf. Plum and copper and teal and pale pink, chrysanthemum and peony? or lotus?, a hand-painted Katuni tea set. 24 matching pieces.

I fell in love immediately. My heart was enchanted with beauty. My brain belatedly turned on, "What? no, no. You do not need this and I am sure it's too expensive anyway."

I stretched out my hand gently and looked at the tag and squinted. I got out my reading glasses and looked at the tag again. Less than $50 for the entire set.

My brain was silent, flabbergasted I think. Part of me panicked. I called my friend over. "I need help." My friend will save me from this rabbit hole...that's what friends do. She'll tell me to not be silly or to slowly put the teapot down.

She came, looked at the beauty, looked at the tag, looked at me.
"You have to buy it."

So now I have a tea set.


Máire said...

Of course she did! She's incredibly sensible! Can't wait to set eyes on the tea set, sounds gorgeous.

engagedbliss said...

At the garden party then you can be introduced.

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