an awareness after heat

Once the heat broke I could see things clearly again. I had no idea just how stuck I was in a narrow viewpoint of 'It's hot' + 'I don't like it' + 'constant managing of my discomfort from the heat/humidity'.

I had no idea, I was asleep from the heat. Note I am not beating myself about this just saying wow. Noticing after the fact.

I'm curious as to whether I can bring an open mind to extreme heat and humidity in the future, stay in my body when it's that uncomfortable. I can remember to stay when I have a headache or even when I had chicken pox, but that heat. I turned off and put myself in a box of 'dealing with heat' without realizing it. What did I miss while I was turned away and lost in thought?

Our minds are amazing, unruly and poorly trained. Or at least mine is poorly trained, you know, like a cat.


Tanya said...

A friend of mine would say you are "attached" to the heat. Heading to hear Chris Williamson tonight. Call tomorrow afternoon? You free? Miss you tons, and hope to talk soon!

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