beautiful blue

Well here it is the last day of November and I won

word count= 58175

but I didn't make my personal goal of complete first draft finished in a month. I am in the middle of the climax scene, so I am close, but not done. I did notice this new goal helped with my focus.

So victory? Not too sure what to call it. Smells a bit like victory.

I do claim victory with the waterfall decorations. We are snow free right now and we decorated the waterfall with a a stream of blue lights and it looks so awesome.

My wife and I just look out the window at it and sigh with delight. It's amazing to be enjoying the waterfall in almost December.

Lots of stuff coming up next month. Shopping trip, hosting a wedding, much baking, mailing, lots of fun cards to send, food shelf concerts, tree buying, holidays. It's all coming soon.

A big grateful sloppy kiss to November and to you all. X


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