Dinner out with the Bachelor Farmer

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I was a bit surprised when a friend suggested we eat at the Bachelor Farmer last night. It felt a bit out of left field for her but isn't that a great things about friends, they can still surprise you?

I was also a bit skeptical, I had read mixed food reviews and had also read how it was the new 'trendy' spot. That it would be impossible to get in and it's true that when I tried to make reservations at open table there were none free until next Monday. However, Heidi's is booked up even more than that. Since we were planning on eating early we decided to wing it, we could always eat in the bar or even someplace else. The warehouse district is not short on restaurants after all.

We got there early at 5:45, found an inexpensive meter parking right in front and were seated immediately. Although the restaurant was quite full, even at 8pm there were 2 other tables and a booth free so don't let the crowds deter you but go for it if you are interested. The decor was a lot of soft wood, blues and grey with a few bright touches of primary colors. The banquette was comfortable.

None of the entree descriptions grabbed my taste buds, perhaps because that is one part of the menu that has been poorly reviewed quite a few times. We were in a mood for sharing so we ordered one starter and 3 of the 'toast' selections along with a half bottle of wine and that was more than enough food.

We had the scallop starter, which was delicious both the scallops and the potato pancake were perfectly done. The toasts we chose were the roasted beets with farmers's cheese, the duck pate and the baked camembert. The toasts got better as we worked our way down the line. The pate once it reached room temperature very good. The camembert with the autumn vegetables was very, very good and went so perfectly with the wine.

Luckily both my friend and I like dry wine so after we picked out the food is was fairly easy to order the Savignon Blanc '10, Regis Minet, Pouilly Fume which was wonderful. I was sorry to not get to try the Barolo, but maybe next time.

The truth is that being out with good friends is a big part of what makes eating out lovely and that just added to my evening. It was so enjoyable but I don't know that I am dying to go here again just for the food.

I have been enjoying a lot of outings this week, I just realized I haven't blogged yet about Sun Streets new dinner service. Maybe next time. I have to crack down to writing, the fun is great but certainly takes up writing time.


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