plans changed due to crowds

Word count = 8064.

I am hoping today will be a good for writing, I already have over 1000 words. I got up fairly early and did a quick intense work out at the Y first thing. Then I attempted to go to one of my favorite cafes for brunch and writing but I didn't even get in the door. It was packed!

That was disappointing and I was so hungry by the time I got back home needing to cook myself something. Still post food everything seems to be working out fine for now. I am certainly ahead of last year's pace.

One of the downsides of writing is all the extra inactivity, my body hates that. So I am going to try to insert my mini intense workouts several times a week. It was be especially challenging this week at work. Extra time in the office for training means extra sitting. I'm sure it will work out somehow with some luck.

Oceans of good luck to everyone's challenges!


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