writing it out

I wrote over fifty-five hundred words yesterday. Word count = 12,874

I even got a little writing done at breakfast before training this morning, and I think I'll be able to eek out some more this evening.

Currently I am enjoying my story. It's in the same world I started building a couple of years ago, and I love fleshing it out even more. Some characters I enjoy are in the background. And my new young heroine, Althea, has been a delight. Pretty impressive for a 17 year old, but then I'm not her mother.

I am hiding in my story right now for good reasons. A friend got diagnosed with cancer last week and now we are waiting to hear what stage it is at--it's a frightening time. Enough to make an author retreat far away to a world where sudden illnesses are never sudden if you are the one writing them.

Seriously go hug someone you love, a pet, a tree. Because it's really all too short sometimes. xo


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