needing that extra hour

The clocks get turned back tonight and I am really looking forward to that 'extra' hour.

Word count=2849

I had a truly delightful day yesterday, it was a wonderful birthday though not tear free. I was given breakfast in bed. I had a long bike ride and lunch with a friend. [weather was really nice] I even sat out by the waterfall for a bit. I had dinner with my wife and good friends and then went to the burlesque show, which is always a fine way to start a weekend.

On top of all that I got 2000+ words written and really enjoyed in all around. The only downside is how tired all this fun left me. We were up early for another bar mitzvah where I was once again amazed by the preparation and dedication of the 13 year old in question. Truly inspiring.

Although part of me would like to write that extra hour, I'll be sleeping.
The wish of a great weekend to all!


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