prepping for thanksgiving

So much has been happening in this great week so far. But at the moment I have 2 things on my mind, getting ready for Thanksgiving and writing.

word count= 45,079

I am feeling odd about that word count, winning nanawrimo is more than on track for the month. But finishing an entire first draft is seeming more dreamlike than ever for this year. However after I told my wife about my latest plot the idea for the final climatic scene came to me, whereas before I had no idea how this story was going to end. I knew stuff that would happen in the end but now I have a drama to build up to....

A much easier task is getting ready for Thanksgiving. We are gong to be a smaller group this year which sounds lovely to me. I love the changes from year to year. My wife is picking up our fresh turkey this morning, the celery and onion are minced for the stuffing, which I will put together tonight. I baked my rustic apple tart this morning. I wonder how the crust will turn out, has my crust luck finally changed? It did seem a bit dry to me. When I get home from my lunch with a friend I will make the persimmon pudding, finish setting the table and check things off my list. Hopefully I will end up with time to write as well.

A big thanks to all of you who are reading, seems appropriate to mention that this week. xo


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happy turkey day. :)

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