I am going to attempt to limit the therapy in this post.

My relationship with food has been pretty blah the past couple of years. Although I love to cook for people occasionally and I am committed to giving us home cooked nutritious food very often at the same time I have gone through days of not wanting to shop, cook or care about food. Still have not figured out why ...
My writing partner is awesome for many reasons but one of the things I enjoy about her is how she is always interested in what I cook for her, appreciating it and asking for recipes. I love the appreciation but I take after my grandmother. I hardly ever cook from a recipe. I do a lot of guessing for her.

Today I was hungry for my late lunch, there was hardly any food in the house* so I threw some thing together that turned out pretty brilliant. I thought of making it for my writing partner which is when I realized I had just made it up again - no recipe. So I am going to be proactive, dear wp here is what I had for lunch today should you ever be interested before I forget it. For those who don't care about 'recipes' you can probably see a million ways to alter this and I encourage you to do so.

Make a roux, I used about 1T butter and 2T of spelt flour [of course I didn't measure],
salt and pepper,
then after it cooks gently for a minute I whisked in about 1c of goat milk,
when that was smooth and simmering I whisked in the juice from a can of tuna,
then I added about 1c of water, and half a bag of frozen spinach
and 2 'fingers' of sheep feta cheese
cooked gently stirring occasionally, then added the tuna from the can I drained previously.

I served this on top of barley and chopped red peppers from the garden this summer. It was great. There now I don't need to remember.

Oh and I found a gift today!
Now where has Trina Hamlin been all my life? She and her harmonica are awesome.

*I realize that compared to most of the planet my 'no food in the house' is completely inaccurate. I am blessed with good healthy food, just lacking in inspiration I guess.


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