Austrian plum blazers

Being a big fan of the Winter Olympics [Summer not so much] I am delighted when they start. although I end up seeing very little. This year I may have some time to watch some events. I plan on doing my de-cluttering this month to an Olympic background which should be fun. I love that 'high' I get when I throw stuff away. A huge pile got sorted this afternoon. Olympics are also the perfect background for taxes I think. If I had been organized I might have signed up for the knitting olympics and knitted something for myself [a real challenge for me]. Oh well something to keep in mind for 2014.

I saw some of the opening ceremonies, those guys in suits giving speeches made me feel like I was in a meeting at work. One of my favorite parts, the plum blazers the Austrian team women wore. [can't find a better picture] I would love one. Now I am totally laughing at myself that the clothing stuck in my mind of all things. It looked like a really nice blazer.

Still feeling happy and resilient, totally rocks.


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