imad 2010 was sublime start to weekend

Although every IMAD is cherished for the special day it is [in 2007 I survived getting hit by a car but that is a different blog post] 2010 was fantastic. Hopefully we'll go into more detail on the IMAD blog [no shoulds here!] but let's recap: there were enormous breakfasts with buckwheat pancakes, there were pedicures [my toenails are sparkly green], there were perogis, there was shopping, the first IMAD anthem was created and sung and then we celebrated with 11 others at dinner.

I spent most of Saturday recovering. Then had dinner at the fabulous Thai place, sen yai sen lek with my pack, attended a Betsy-Tacy Twin Cities gathering and laughed so hard. Then ECD Sunday night, last week before the ball! It has been a blissful cure to the February crabbies.

I hope everyone had at least some fun this weekend. Here's to March, spring is around the corner.


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