sweet enough

When picking a mate I firmly believe that if you are going for a long haul she or he cannot be too sweet. Kind and polite are up there as well. [and no when I was 23 I had no idea of this] However if you are sensitive to sugar food can easily get too sweet. It happened to me just last Tuesday.

I was trying to adapt an old Swedish recipe for ginger cookies from my wife's family for the first time. I even had company. We used whole wheat flour, coconut oil instead of shortening, kept the butter as butter and sweetened it with agave. The dough which we chilled in a handy snowbank seemed very soft but we felt still workable for a first try.
We had to roll chilled dough balls in sugar then bake. I decided that we should use palm sugar and my intuition told me to use the palm sugar cakes I had bought at the local 'Asian' food store. Big mistake, they were yummy but just two cookies sent my blood sugar through the stratosphere and made me sick for all of the next day. [others not as sensitive finished them off happily] I was hungry for a success.

I had almost stopped reading the smitten kitchen blog when the cider doughnuts were cooked in shortening instead of lard. I strongly feel if you are going to make doughnuts and you aren't a vegetarian go for the lard. Luckily I got over that quickly, because it would have been a shame to miss these cupcakes.

These would not be considered sweet for most but I had to make adjustments to them for me. If you are not sensitive to sugar don't wait any longer go out and make these now. If you do have sugar sensitivities read over my notes below and then go out and make them, you won't regret it.

I had white chocolate on my shelves [from the truffles my niece made for the wedding!] I used that for the mint cream. Since it was quite sweet I only used one ounce instead of the two. I love mint so I doubled the amount of peppermint. I also noted that sticking your bowl in a snow bank to chill works really well.

Then I melted the chocolate, Lindt 85% cacao with the butter. Chocolate can't be too dark for me. Since I was going for the extra mint I didn't add the espresso.

I mixed just 2T of palm sugar, this brand, with 3 yolks. It was easy to whisk by hand, until thick especially when watching the swedish men work as a team to win the the cross country race. Note that with palm sugar and eggs with dark yolks it will not turn 'lemon colored' mine was more like butterscotch colored.

Then I combined the eggs with the chocolate and vanilla, beat the egg whites with 2 more T of palm sugar [instead of 3] and salt and folded the whites into the chocolate mixture. For some reason the folding did not go stellar but well enough [I blame the excitement at the end of the 30K xcountry race] and they baked up fine.

Whip up the cream and eat. They are yummy, easy on the blood sugar and let's just say impossible to eat just one.

I hope all are enjoying some sweetness in some form this weekend.


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