surprised laughter

I had a story in my head this morning. I was sure one thing or the other was going to happen. The first option I didn't really want to happen, but I thought it probably would. The second I wanted to happen but it seemed unlikely. Then I opened my computer up and surprise! a third option had happened. I was stunned, I reacted and then I laughed out loud. Then for the next hour I giggled every time I thought of how stunned I had been that I did not accurately predict the future.

You know because usually I totally can predict the wait, no I can't. [ I can't read minds either] Yet there I was getting wrapped up in the stories my mind can spin. Forgetting that there are options that I can't even imagine that are just as likely to happen.

The actual story scenario is not important, because the story can be about anything. What your boss will say if you are late. Whether someone will ask you to dance. If someone will remember your birthday. So often I am stuck in a story of my own making, dreading something, or perhaps having huge expectations. Totally unaware, asleep to the world.

Completely forgetting that not buying into my internal stories, not creating a story in the first place is also an option. I could just see what happens, you know, when it actually happens. Then I could decide how I want to respond to what happens. Is it possible to remember the absolute infinity of the world and other people's actions around us? Ah well.
I did get a fabulous laugh out of it.

In other news the piece of fiction I am actually writing; word count: 66,356
A story to continue.


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