tired of illness, no reading and rice?

Thanks to all who sent me wishes for good health. This week has been a big improvement over last week although whatever it is I have/had, it certainly is not leaving quickly. An odd quirk to my illness, I desperately wanted to read while eating [trying to eat] while I was sick. It was so hard to maintain the no multi-tasking ban. I have not yet figured out why. Because it's comforting? Because I didn't want to think about food? No clue yet.

My word count increased but I am too lazy comfortable to get up and get my flash drive, I made it over 65,000 words, that I do know.

I am going to take part in this "write your @ss off" this Monday. Because it sounds like fun. My joy deserves the attention. yeah!
So proof that my illness is passing, I had some fun this week, including the opera on Thursday night. Free tickets, dressing up, and a fabulous performance of Roberto Devereux added up to a wonderful evening even if I was radically short on sleep for a second night in a row. Since this is an epic tragedy in grand opera style I wasn't planning on buying tickets, my life seems all too full of tragedies nowadays but when they were offered I could not resist. And really the tragedy in opera is so over-the-top, so melodramatic, so illogical that I was still transported away from my here and now. Brenda Harris' voice made my spine shiver in the very best way.

I am still on the wacky no wheat, no corn, no dairy[cow] check for food sensitivities, my illness is dragging it out in a rather irritating way. I have plans to eat with different friends 3 times next week and that is really the most challenging thing about eating this way. Finding a restaurant. Should be interesting. An odd result of the eating change, I am getting so tired of rice! I love rice, I never thought such a thing was possible. Even though I eat spelt and millet as well, apparently I have a rice limit and I am finally reaching it. Even yummy crunchy terriaki rice crackers are losing their appeal.


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