Friday at sxsw

The incredible weather and relaxation continued on Friday. I was the plan 'boss' for the events. I tried to feel flattered but I am pretty sure the rest of them didn't want to bother to make decisions.

We had some great Mexican food at Habanero's for lunch. Then later we headed up South Congress to catch Amy Cook's set at the San Jose hotel parking lot. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day because the band right ahead of her was so horrible. The musicians were fine but the 'lead' singer--seriously think of the harshest thing you could say and say it. He was really that bad. This was the first time I have seen Amy Cook live and I enjoyed her. Not sure how much I like the newest songs but listening conditions up and down congress street were not ideal. After getting some crepes from a street vendor for dinner we went to the Magnolia Cafe for dessert then hit the go girls showcase. It was an interest mix of sets, a nice crowd of women, not too great sound system but we left right after the awesome set by Melissa Ferrick and so went home happy.

It's been pretty interesting having all these late nights but it has been so worth it. More to follow.


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