week went whoosh

I was shocked when I realized today that I haven't posted for a week! The time went by so fast, my hormonal fluctuations were a drag and now I know I am not remembering even half of the great stuff this week contained. Before I forget even more I better post something.

This weekend was our 30th annual Playford and it was fabulous. We were back at an old location, Mt Olivet Church over in St Paul which is a nice facility with a great floor. The program had some really lovely and fun dances on it though not as fun as last year's program I think. That meant I had planned times for breaks and chatting so it all worked out.
Favorite dances for the night: Well Hall, Key to the Cellar, Hamilton's Round O.

The food was outstanding as usual. I think I saw only 2 people not formally dressed so we were quite an elegant group, and there were some outstandingly beautiful costumes. My hair done by Andrew held up all afternoon and evening and I really loved how my hair vine turned out and the huge ring I wore. My feet are handling the hours of dancing better and better all the time.

Mental note: next year either go with a long skirt or try harder to find more neutral dancing shoes. and anything you can do to avoid wearing tights do so!

All in all in was a lovely, enjoyable evening. I spent most of Sunday trying to catch up and resting. Next week looks great but grueling. Hopefully it will be mostly great.


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