Delightful Dallas

We rolled into Dallas Tuesday evening around 6:00 pm. We had driven south to find the spring and by the time we were in Texas I was no longer feeling disappointed. There were flowering trees everywhere.

We pulled into the parking lot of Poor David's Pub and immediately got a great surprise. The back door was open and the musicians were jamming before the shows. It sounded awesome. That area, being right across from the police station, feels very calm and safe.
I talked to one of the doorman to get the low down on places to eat nearby and when the doors would open for the second show. Less than a block away was an gorgeous restored warehouse with shops on the ground level. We got cleaned up/changed from spending the past 12 hours in the car, food from the deli and sat outside enjoying some of the music during open mic night at the Opening Bell. The coffees we got were good, although they took forever, with the thickest creamiest foam I have ever had. It was like dessert.

Then we went to get in line. The doors opened at typical pub time only 20 minutes late and we got our 'will call' tickets with no problems. People were great. I have seen Melissa Ferrick many times, she is one of my favorite performers but this was by far the smallest crowd I have ever seen at one of her shows. It was nice for us to have such an intimate show although I am sure it is a drag for the musician. We had great seats and her fantastic playing staved off my extreme sleepiness. We enjoyed chatting with people about Austin and sxsw. Then by midnight we were back in the car and headed to our friends in Austin playing the loudest music we had in order to stay awake.

A great start to our vacation.


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