a gift from the universe

I was given a huge gift last week from the universe. I have been babbling about it in email to virtually everyone I know.
A random comment on a blog I read gave me some new information. Tara Brach has an online presence. Who is Tara Brach? She is an awesome woman, who wrote an awesome book, who I whole-heartily adore. She also has tons on meditation/dharma talks online. Seriously I would marry the woman if it wasn't for the whole fact of us being married to other people who we love and... oh you know what I mean. Did I mention she is awesome in every way?

Well I could go on gushing about it. I could tell you how every other day I have been taking time for myself doing restorative yoga and listening to a download. I could spend time talking about how even though work is hellish I feel like I am feeling more spacious and at home instead of contracted and hard of heart and how it's a pretty wonderful and remarkable thing. But seriously, do yourself a favor and just go over there and check her out. That's where I will be this weekend when I am not working, dancing or packing. I am so grateful. namaste


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