writing check in

Word count: 68,493

I am still writing and I give huge thanks to my writing partner. Without her support I may have just let my story slip off of my radar. But instead I am still having a relationship with it. I realize now that nanowrimo is all about starting the new and falling in love. The lust, the excitement, it is intoxicating and fun.

Now I am really getting to know my story. Sometimes I have to push through a bit of confusion and doubt but more and more I realize that I love writing this story. I love working on it and when bits and ideas flash into my head it feels like coming home. [and I still have a crush on one of my characters]

I wonder sometimes about the parts of us we don't know about. What other interests or talents could be hidden in me, in you? You can't tell by what went on before. What does it take for us to really bring our awareness to ourselves and just let us be? What could flower out of us then?


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