friends and hill country

Happy Spring all! It's the vernal equinox.
We have had fabulous weather here in Austin. Warm and sunny, today we are getting rains to coax even more flowers into bloom.

Wednesday and Thursday were great days. We met a lot of fabulous women and got to hang out with a few. On Thursday we took a little trip into the hill country. I loved all of the stone buildings everywhere [stone is my favorite] and toured the river road along Guadalupe river. This was truly gorgeous, it's still too cool for tubing so it was fairly empty. The water was this incredible shade of turquoise like the pacific around La Jolla. I have never seen a river that colour and with the trees all leafing out and blooming it was truly spectacular.

I feel so fortunate in the people I have met, the beauty I see and having those to love. Happy Spring all!


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