springy rituals and joys

I love a personal simple rituals. I seem to create them with ease and before I know it there are little ritual flags all over my mental calendar waving at me.

I love flowers as well, and since I live in a place where flowers are non-existent in the winter I look forward to the first flowers of the spring. As I child I remember waiting for the lilacs or lilies of the valley to bloom, the first violets then I moved someplace with longer and colder winters, so I adapted without realizing I didn't want to wait for May.

By the middle of March you start to see bunches of daffodils in the grocery stores. I love these flowers, for me they are the heralds of spring. Although their scent is elusive I also play with the idea that they have sound, that one can actually hear them singing with the waking world. I thought about all of this last week and pondered if I should buy some when I knew I would be going out of town all too soon. Should I spend the money? I was going to a place where spring is in full swing surely that's enough?

I didn't need to decide, my dear wife saw them in the stores and picked them up for me as a matter of course. I love them. They are spring and joy embodied by slender green stalks and golden trumpets.
I am so grateful for the turn of seasons and the sweetness of a spouse that notices and remembers. I love to hear about the rituals of others. I wonder how mine will evolve this year.


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