another friend with a stroke

One of my ritual circle sisters had a stroke this week. The second of my friends in the past six months.

She got medical help immediately, TPA was administered and she is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

I feel both bewildered and relieved. And very, very grateful. She has asked all friends with an online presence to please remind people everywhere to seek medical help immediately if you suspect a stroke. Every minute counts in this case.

And I will now return to deep breaths and more gratitude.


Rebag said...

Greetings from Western MN......just doing some blog hopping this evening and came across yours and wanted to take a few minutes and send some love and light to you and your friend during this tough time~

engagedbliss said...

Thank so much for the kind words.

It's quite sobering to see the difference between getting immediate medical help and not being found for a few hours [what happened to another friend last autumn]

and makes me wonder about stress [and fear] and their effects in our lives

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