Art and confusing days

Huh, is that right? Is it really Thursday? Hmm, not really sure how that happened.
I remember Tuesday and Wednesday kinda but...are they both really over? okay.

So here it is Thursday then. Word count: 61,601, still progressing on story, still quite bad and first drafty, revisionist thoughts creeping near.
Well I must have done stuff. Let's see I worked, worked out with a friend, cooked and cleaned a little, avoided grocery shopping, let the gas man replace the gas meter reader, went to the museum, went to bed really early last night and tried to stay warm. But still part of me thinks it should still be Tuesday afternoon. Apparently I am not very awake this week.

Oh and I also reread the beginning of this surreal comic, she is getting near the conclusion and I was getting confused with all the different perspectives so I had to 'catch up' again so that I can hopefully enjoy the final months of it.

I saw this show with a friend yesterday at the museum. I am still a bit conflicted about it. On one hand I really enjoyed parts of it especially since I don't have plans for getting to the actual Louvre any time soon. On the other hand it wasn't so fabulous that I am running around telling everyone 'you have to see it, buy scalped tickets!'

Not one known piece by a woman? Huh. Someone had to point that fact out to me, which makes me feel shame and anger at myself -sigh But at the end of it I am glad I went because it was art which feeds a part of me [of us all?] with chewy beauty.
I am especially glad I met this woman. In fact the more I think of her and the Vermeer the happier I am for the experience and also cutting myself slack.


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