feverish week wrap up

The post right before this one details the oddness that was last Sunday morning, the oddness kept coming although I was not able to post.

-Sunday night, major fever and GI upset. no idea what caused it.
-canceled everything fun in my life, stay in house for next 2 days, trying to work a little and recover. Can't exercise.
-Wednesday feeling close to normal, had the weekly writing meeting with partner, everything seems to be looking up.
word count=64221
-Thursday, make it into office, last day for people getting laid off. Pretty depressing
-Thursday night GI and fever attacks again.
-again cancel everything fun for 2 days and cry in bed feeling miserable, missing exercise
-Sunday, returning to normal, go to memorial service and feel unwell.

Currently--hoping for the best, but not counting on it.
As you can see from the above any posts from me in the past week would have been full of feverish gloom so my silence is probably a really good thing. I am hoping this time I am really getting better, I won't relapse and that I will have a great Imbolc.
And a great Imbolc to all of you as well.


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