knitting, the purple scarf and selfishness

Yes, I have been knitting. But because it was a winter gift I couldn't mention it here. It would have totally been my luck that the one time I am counting on my wife to not remember my blog she does remembers it and reads it and then finds out about the gift I am making in secret for her.

Since I was driving myself crazy trying to keep a knitting secret from the person with which I live it seemed totally foolish to speak about it publicly until the soft fluffy thing was done.
Now at last it is done, she loves it and I can share freely. Of course it is just a scarf so it's not that fascinating. The Harlot's one row pattern scarf, 26 stitches for about 5 feet out of lavender yarn that I found at a thrift store in Palm Springs. The yarn is Caron; Vim and the label does not look new. 50% mohair and 50% orlon, I was sceptical for awhile, but the price was right, the feel nice and it all worked out.

This is the fourth scarf I have made for her since we met almost 7 years ago. Hopefully this one will stick around awhile, they like to go off traveling by themselves.

I need to do more selfish knitting that I can blog about freely. It would also help if I knitted faster. I see for the past year I have worked on 3 things, 2 in total secrecy and the other for my goddaughter. [but that is just another Tulips sweater and most knitters have seen hundreds of them] I was thinking something for me next but I probably have enough yarn for a matching hat, and we are probably going to do another mich fest swap and I really want to do a couple of blocks for the michigan afghan....none of this is leading up to me knitting myself something. Oh well the year has barely started.


Máire said...

No photo??

You've got a knitting opportunity coming up at the end of the month, but I'm guessing that's not the sort of thing you've been daydreaming about.

engagedbliss said...

hmmm. I could get my new camera out and get a photo, maybe at some point. Assuming I can ever get the scarf away from her...
I'll work on it.

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