word count: 62, 508, I also started outline and character pages to help with background-y stuff.

You know anyone out there [not naming names] who wanted to share their word count through a comment would be more than welcome to do that-nudge, nudge. However no pressure, no shoulds.

So perhaps you know that I did resiliency training last autumn and perhaps I mentioned that part of it was meeting one on one with a nutritionist and getting specific food information? Or maybe I didn't mention it here....not really sure.

The point of the above: tomorrow I start the process of checking for food sensitivities.
The method: Part one; no wheat, corn or cow dairy for the next 10 days.
Mental state: pretty upbeat right now, of course it's all just theory at this point, we'll see how I am doing in 3 days or so.
However: still need to keep up the whole eating every 3-4 hours part-huh--because this needed to be more challenging?!
more Daunting bits: Very few eating out possibilities-- since it's hard to be sure if something has corn oil or corn starch in it. Wheat flour sneaks in everywhere as well. So unless I feel comfortable asking the chef... lots of cooking to be done, sounds hard.
Support: dear wife is doing it as well and friends are being great about it.
another Plus: I get to be my own science experiment.
musical finale:
This and this I love, I am such a sucker for an alto, but at the same time it makes me sad that I 'have no languages'. Surely it's not too late?


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