weird and odd Sunday morning

We were surprised this morning to hear our front door knob being turned at 7:40 this morning. It kind of creaks and we could hear it in the kitchen. Since we keep our doors locked it remained closed We looked at each other wonderingly.

I went to the front door with our rotty and decided that if it was someone we knew on the porch the dog would greet them happily and if it wasn't then someone was in for a surprise. Really, I don't know that I was thinking that clearly, part of me almost thought we had imagined the sound. I opened the door, the dog ran out barking and I saw no one.

However my wife saw the person run through our back yard to the alley, and then he stopped to open one of our car doors [which were not locked because of potential ice storms] she banged on the window and told him to get out. We figured then he was on something, because logically you don't run away from barking dog in a house where you know people are awake and aware of you and then stop to check out a car. Do you? I guesss I don't really know.

I spent the rest of the morning looking out of windows feeling very uneasy and then saw found out later from the large number of police cars in the alley that they had been looking for the guy all morning. Very weird and slightly creepy.

Not exactly sure what to think. But I am glad the doors were locked. I know that I don't feel as safe. I want to go dance as usual and I feel nervous leaving the house. Huh.
So strange and normal I guess.


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